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How Are Things Snuck Into Prisons?

How Are Things Snuck Into Prisons?

Drugs are just one of many items that sneak into prisons on a daily basis. Every time I discuss the war on drugs with someone, I always try to explain how impossible it is to keep drugs off the streets. As far as contraband goes into prison, this is the first thing that continues to creep into my mind. When people need or want something, they will go to great lengths to get it no matter where they are.

The war on drugs may seem like an odd topic, but the issue is closely related to the problem of contraband in prisons. So let’s talk about today’s topic ㄧhow did things sneak into the prison?

In this blog post, I will cover the following topics:

  • How prisoners and guards smuggle contraband
  • Get creative during visits and via mail
  • Vulnerability of vendors and other prison staff
  • Other Documented Ways People Smuggle Items Into Jail

How prisoners and guards smuggle contraband

In my experience, the most common way contraband (illegal items) sneak into prisons is through prison guards. Prison inmates have their own economy. No, they don’t have cash, but they use stamps and ramen soup (for example) as currency, and have demand for everything from cell phones to drugs.

As a prisoner, if you can figure out a way to bring a lot of contraband into the prison, you can make a lot of money. The same goes for prison guards, which is why both prisoners and guards risk breaking the law by stealing things into prisons and making a lot of money.

Of course, not every guard wants to be a part of it. Some inmates can be very manipulative, and young, inexperienced prison guards can be blackmailed, especially if they decide to have sex with an inmate. Every year, prison staff are prosecuted for misconduct.

That being said, most guards involved in smuggling contraband do so because they want easy money, and it can be very lucrative. Guards are the most reliable way to bring in items, since they have direct daily contact with prisoners and the security checks they pass through are usually pretty lax.

Another way to get items into prison is through the prisoners themselves. If they know they’re going to be jailed, some prisoners will hide drugs, tobacco, or electronics in their bodies (yes, in those places you’re thinking about right now) before going to court or turning themselves in.

They’ll wrap the wraps together with plastic wrap, or put them inside a condom. However, since you have to be strip searched when you enter a prison, you have to be prepared to leave these items in a very uncomfortable place for an extended period of time. You also have to know how to squat and cough so the contraband doesn’t leave your body at the wrong time.

Prisoners also smuggled contraband on release from work. They can have friends drop off packages at their place of work, then quickly collect the items and take them to jail. There are many ways to smuggle contraband, and the inmates have discovered it all!

Get creative during visits and via mail

Visiting rooms are another popular way to bring contraband into prisons. Contact between inmates and visitors is limited, but if you know what you’re doing, you can move things quickly with a hug or kiss.

The most common way to pass contraband during a visit is through the bathroom, but this takes connection and planning. Transfers are much easier if prisoners and visitors share a bathroom. Prisoners are rarely able to use the same bathroom as visitors, and are strip-searched after visits.

They had inmates who worked in the visiting room as transfers of contraband. The restrooms are often cleaned without security guards, so housekeeping staff can find hidden items and place them where they need to be before they can finish their job and return to the dormitory.

Sometimes visiting room officials get involved and they get a cut of the action.

As for the mail – that’s something I learned in prison – drugs can be mailed by attaching greeting cards and stamps. Because of this, prisons are starting to crack down on what kind of mail you can send inmates. Where I was incarcerated, the mailroom staff started tearing off the corners of stamped envelopes before distributing inmate mail to avoid this problem entirely.

Vulnerability of vendors and other prison staff

as orange is the new black Tell us that vendors, especially those who serve food, are vulnerable to the contraband smuggling game, as their trucks and staff are always in and out of prison gates.

The vehicles were searched every time they entered or exited the prison grounds. Still, they managed to smuggle contraband in some prisons. Due to the frequency of visits and the size of the truck, this can lead to huge profits.

To do this, it is almost impossible for the prisoner to run the operation. That would be something that the guards or other prison staff would need to be responsible for, since prisoners don’t have that freedom to move things around, keep things away from cameras and away from guards who aren’t there.

Other Documented Ways People Smuggle Items Into Jail

Because the prison staff at most facilities are well aware of all the ways I mentioned earlier to smuggle contraband, the rules have changed a lot in recent years. Of course, people are only getting more creative.

some people smuggled contraband In their weaving, Others have friends or family members throw items over fences, or use drones to drop items at specific spots for inmates to pick up later.

feed into Drugs by coloring book Chances are, you could also use the bible to smuggle contraband, since for some reason the guards don’t search that book very often.

Are you surprised that people go to great lengths to sneak stuff into prison? Let us know in the comments below.


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